Thank You

Painful as losing an election is, the overall experience is uplifting. The most rewarding moments come during the campaign when friends and acquaintances step forward and give their time and money far beyond any reasonable expectation. Then there are the people the candidate has never met who are equally generous with their support because they were affected by some past action; their involvement provides an opportunity to see the lives that have been touched through years of public service. Perhaps if more people could see the reach of their actions we would have more involvement in community service.

I want to express my thanks to all those who made this campaign a success. Yes, despite not getting to the general election, this campaign was a success. Consider the technical accomplishments:

  • 3000 hand-addressed postcards
  • Thousands of phone calls to likely voting households
  • Thousands of doors visited and leafleted
  • $38,000 dollars contributed by hundreds of individual donors.
  • Two mailings to all likely voters in the primary
  • Over 100 website endorsements
  • Over 100 active volunteers
  • Weekly e-newsletters on campaign activities
  • Nearly 1000 yard signs placed in individual properties (by the way, you may now take these down and recycle them or contact us to pick them up)

I was most touched on election day when my 88 year-old neighbor summoned her children to get her to the polls so she could vote. She has spent several months out of the last few years in a nursing home and she had to find an expired driver’s license to be eligible to vote, yet she was determined to cast her ballot because of our campaign. (By the way, does this sound like the kind of person to commit voter fraud?)

Why were we a success? Because we inspired hope for those who have a sense that our community is falling behind by standing still. The voices of concern in our community have been raised and we will continue to speak until the community begins to move forward. We have to resist letting the disappointment of this defeat diminish our hopes for, and commitment to restoring our future.

I have heard many, many kind and heartfelt comments from you and other citizens about their disappointment with the election results. As one who has slogged through the last 9 months of campaigning, I share your disappointment. However, from all your comments I know that there is a large core of citizens who understand the true needs of the community; we need to find a way to translate that into political action.

Thank you for all you did for the campaign.