Development Issues


Ed Peterson’s Remarks at the Gateway Project Groundbreaking

How to manage growth and development is a critical concern for Johnson County. As the county’s population grows from its current 540,000 residents, I support spreading the additional housing and public services between new development in rural areas and older neighborhoods.

The county should carefully control new development to assure that land use complies with the concept of highest and best use, consistent with master plans. The county should exercise a more stringent review of wastewater extension requests to determine whether these developments are timely.

I believe that redevelopment must include renewal of aging neighborhoods. Although redevelopment is largely a city function, the county should be involved through coordinated public transportation, park land acquisition and development, sewer extension policies, and judicious use of zoning authority in undeveloped areas to encourage redevelopment in urban areas.

Johnson County is positioned to provide regional leadership on environmental concerns. The county should continue efforts to improve public transit options and it should promote the use of renewable energy resources in new construction. I’ve led efforts in both these arenas and promise to continue to do so.

As stormwater management projects are implemented, the county should employ standards that assure that we meet or exceed the requirements of federal and state clean water regulations.