Ed Peterson Endorsements

Ed Peterson has been a dedicated public servant to our community for over 25 years.  He is a moderate, pragmatic leader who knows how to bring people together to get things done. I have been especially impressed with Ed’s leadership in the areas of environment and sustainability. This county has a proud tradition of leading the way in Kansas, with our schools, libraries, parks, and helping our neighbors in need.   Ed’s vision and leadership style are exactly what we need in Johnson County.  I’m proud to endorse Ed Peterson for Johnson County Commission Chairman, and hope you will join me in voting for him on August 5th and again on November 4th.”  (Dennis Moore, Former U.S. Representative for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District)

Ed will restore many of the things that made Johnson County a great place to live in the past, such as Parks, Libraries, and the Arts.”  (Charlotte J. McDonald)

Ed will lead Johnson County to a new era of renewal and progress through strong libraries, vibrant parks, modern schools, and a robust transportation infrastructure. He will ensure that the oldest parts of the county will not fall into disrepair or be forgotten at the expense of the newer, developing parts of the County. I am proud to call Johnson County as my home and I urge you to vote for Ed for Chair of the Board of County Commissioners.”  (Robert Choromanski)

Ed Peterson has been a dedicated public official with a great record of leading Johnson County toward a better future. It’s time for change and for a leader with the broad perspectives and experiences needed to guide Johnson County during a period of dynamic change and challenge.”  (James D. Dawson)

It’s time to move Johnson County forward and Ed is just the man to help us do that.”  (Harry McDonald)

I believe Ed Peterson is the best man for the job! His ideas make sense. He has some keen observations about mistakes that have been made and ways to correct them.”  (Suzanne Allen)

Ed has been a steadfast advocate for NE Johnson County and the entire Mid-America Regional community. He has supported the regional transit initiatives and provides a fresh perspective on Johnson County initiatives and services. Emerging as Mayor of Fairway and serving the citizens needs as County Commissioner, Ed reflects the proper leadership for these times.”  (Kenneth Davis)

We need Ed Peterson as Chair of the Johnson County Board of County Comissioners. As a forward looking, thoughtful person, he will vote to maintain the high quality of life that we all chose when we moved here. Do not let Johnson County deteriorate!”  (Ann and John Kenney)

I am voting for Ed PETERSON!”  (Roberta Eveslage)

The best person for the job.”  (Alma R. Price)

John and I both support and endorse Ed Peterson for Chairman of the Johnson County Commission.”  (Ann and John Kenney)

I fully support Ed Peterson. Over the past years he has shown that he cares about the long term fiscal, social and environmental sustainability of Johnson County through his focus and efforts on quality of life issues that relate to everyone living in the county. ”  (R. Kaye Johnston)

Ed has a clear understanding of local issues, and a clear vision for improving the future of Johnson County. He is by far the best person for this job, because he has his priorities straight! For enlightened leadership–for our schools–for the arts–for intelligent guidance–VOTE FOR ED!” (Jan S. Gephardt)

Ed Peterson will make an excellent Chairman of the County Board of Commissioners. He is dedicated to moving Johnson County in a direction that will improve the quality of life here for all. Having heard him speak, he is my choice as the best person to keep Johnson County a great place to live and work with his responsible and innovative ideas.” (Helen Stoll)

Ed Peterson has the values, skills, and common sense thar we need to move Johnson County back into a leading role in our state and country. His experience and past record prove that he will positively lead our county and be a resounding voice on matters that affect women.” (Barb Thompson)

I’ve listened to Ed Peterson. He wants improvements for Johnson County. Please vote for him for Johnson County chair so all of Johnson County will remain a star in Kansas.” (Patty Compton-Shupe)

As a Jo Co resident and urban planner, I have participated with Ed on both local Johnson County and regional issues. He will serve county residents of all income levels. He will collaborate with our regional neighbors to enhance environmental, economic and social opportunities. He is also a nice honest guy.” (Marcy Smalley)

Ed Peterson is such a great County Commissioner that I want him to be Chairman of the Board. He thinks about Johnson County’s role in the whole region, beyond today into the future. I’ve watched the BoCC for several years, and Peterson is by far the most experienced, educated, and level-headed person in the room. My own District Commissioner is so out of touch with reality that I turn to Peterson when I want to understand an issue. Citizens from all districts stand to gain when Ed Peterson becomes Chairman.” (Melissa J. Carlson)

Johnson County needs the leadership Ed Peterson can provide — realistic, common sense, great priorities in education and sustainable growth.” (Linda Neal)

I’m voting for Ed Peterson because I think he has the foresight of what the needs of the county are in terms of service to its residents. I’ve worked for the county since 1988 and he asks thoughtful questions during the BOCC meetings. He is a very easy going person, very approachable, never puts on airs. I’ve never endorsed anyone before, but I am now and hope you will vote for him for county chair.” (Mike Boothe)

Ed Peterson is the best qualified candidate for Chair of the Johnson County Commission. When he is elected we can all breathe a sigh of relief. We are in good hands.” (Ann Martin)

Ed Peterson has been an exemplary public servant. He has consistently been a strong advocate for excellent public education, and a wise and trusted steward of public funds. We can count on Ed Peterson to promote sustainable development and provide the sound judgment and leadership needed to preserve the high quality of life we enjoy in Johnson County. I urge you to join me in voting for Ed Peterson for County Chair.” (Max Gordon)

While we have been on opposite sides of some issues you are to be trusted and I respect that. You have demonstrated your ability to work for the entire county in your decision making not just your district. When asked from locals who I am supporting for County Chair I quickly and vehemently say “Ed Peterson”. With the current make up from the chairman, to county staff, to the apparent running of chief Douglas for Sheriff in the near future we need people like you that look at the entire picture before passing judgment. If I can offer any service to you over the next few weeks do not hesitate to ask.” (Darrel Dougan)

Please vote for Ed Peterson, we need your support. The change in Johnson County starts with you. GET OUT AND VOTE.” (Charlie M. Kendricks)

Lets keep Johnson County moving forward vote for Ed Peterson. Laurel and Bill Mace Endorse Ed Peterson for county chairman. Out with the old and in with the new.” (William Mace)

Ed Peterson is a good person, a committed public servant, and someone who believes Johnson County should work for all of its citizens. Ed is someone who has demonstrated his sensible commitment to our schools, roads, infrastructure, transportation, libraries, and other basic services our families need in order to grow in the Twenty-First Century. I encourage you to support Ed, and please vote August 5.” (Lee Cross)