Ed Peterson’s Environmental Platform

I believe that environmental sustainability and natural resource protection are integral parts of keeping people healthy, growing our economy, and building a community where we can be proud to work and raise our families.  I consider it my personal responsibility to protect our natural resources so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same or better benefits in the future as we have enjoyed in the past.  My track record on these issues, in both my public and private lives, stands as a strong testament to this commitment. More specifically:

  •  Environmental issues such as air quality and water quality require regional, well-coordinated solutions with each local jurisdiction assuming responsibility for its respective role.  Past environmental efforts have resulted in cleaner air and water, but more work needs to be done to address the increasing emissions from our growing region.
  • Johnson County must reinvigorate its commitment to environmentally sustainable operations.  County government must be a leader by example and its policies must encourage sustainable practices by residents and businesses.
  • The development of a complete multi-modal public transit system is the cornerstone of infrastructure for the 21st century.  Public transit is a necessity for promoting urban redevelopment in Johnson County as well as for addressing clean air concerns and rising costs for roadways.
  • Johnson County must become a leader in promoting energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy resources.  Our state is far behind neighboring states in both of these critically important areas and we are missing out on the job creation and cost savings to our residents and businesses that accompany these efforts.
  • Reducing waste conserves natural resources and ultimately saves landfill space, lowering future costs to taxpayers to build new landfills. Johnson County must continue its leadership in this area and not shrink from state pressure to roll back the progress we have made.
  • Johnson County should highlight its environmental achievements.  Current County policy unfortunately relegates environmental programs to second-class status and restricts the County’s leadership capacity on environmental issues.