Ed’s Remarks at Mission’s Gateway Project Groundbreaking

Ed Peterson represents District 1 on the Johnson County Commission – a district that includes several smaller, established communities in the northeast portion of the county. As the representative for this older, previously developed portion of Johnson County, Ed has long held a priority for balancing new development in the growing rural areas of the County with aggressive redevelopment in the older areas of the County, and strongly supports redevelopment projects that incorporate newer housing designed for a growing and aging population – redevelopment projects such as the City of Mission’s Gateway Project. Ed’s remarks at the groundbreaking follow…

Commissioner Ed Peterson at Mission's Gateway Project Groundbreaking

“To begin, I echo the comments of the previous speakers who complimented the City of Mission on the accomplishment of getting this project started. It has been a long term challenge that has demonstrated three qualities of the Mission community.

First, the quality of perseverance was demanded of you. This project has seen many ups and downs. There have been problems that were beyond your control, such as an economic recession. You have stayed the course and met the challenges.

Second, the quality of collaboration was required. This project involved stormwater, wastewater, streets and planning. All of those elements engaged other entities around Mission, including County Government. We have come together to get the job done. To be honest, collaboration is still a work in progress, but we wouldn’t be celebrating today without working together.

Finally, Mission has shown the rest of the community that our small towns are alive and well and they are capable of shaping the future. This project began with a vision of the shape our communities can take in the future, and that vision is now becoming reality. Our municipalities in Northeast Johnson County can meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Again, congratulations for reaching this milestone.”